Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Think Campaign

I am particularly interested in the think campaigns, i believe they are ok.... but could be better i feel there is a lot of material to work with and that they are not thinking outside of the box. This is a campaign i would consider doing my independent project on. it strikes a cord with me because i am aware that i drive tired and i since my sister fell asleep at the wheel it raises the awareness for me personally. I intend to choose and independent project that is very universal and applicable. I intend to finish with a piece of work that employers can relate to when i apply for jobs, so i feel such a national campaign would do this.

1 comment:

  1. I agree also, there is something missing from these campaigns. I don't think they quite reach far enough!

    I particularly think the copywriting doesn't work, its almost too cheesy, especially bearing in mind the content.

    I know far too many people who do use their phone and drive and they are far too bothered about being caught than crashing!

    Looking at this idea though it makes me think should it be illegal to smoke in a car then, because surely if you dropped a cigarette in the car that would pose a serious distraction!!

    Good post though!